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barberShopThe 1952 Glines Barber Shop building has finally found a permanent place. And you can hear the barber tell the story of his years as Friendswood’s first barber and the history of the little building that did a lot of moving around before it settled on a site on Skyview Terrace, next door to the Frank J. Brown Heritage Museum. There it received some repair work and an exterior paint job.

The interior of the shop is in exactly the condition it was when Bernard Glines retired in the 1980s. The Historical Society was the beneficiary of the skills of Wes Baker who provided the shop with light and sound and a sound track with the narration of the shop’s history. It is activated by pushing a button on the exterior.

The visitor has easy access to the shop and the narrative 24/7 by way of the deck connecting it to the Museum porch. The construction work on the deck was the gift of the men of the Friendswood Lions Club. We are grateful for all the contributions that make visiting the Barber Shop possible. Check it out ANY TIME!