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The first Histor-Ween–in 2011 was fun! The Histor-Ween this year– was even more fun! Proceeds from the event were shared by the Friendswood Historical Society and the participating High School clubs.

75 high school students from eight clubs operated a spectacular Spook House in the abandoned Jr. High school building. Whole families enjoyed it. (Our thanks to the school administration who gave their blessing to this event.)

Thirty-five adult volunteers served as guides and actors in the “history” part of the evening across the way. John R. Williams, on the Perry House porch, let his listeners in on the tricky way he managed to get his hands on the land that is now Friendswood from the Spanish in 1824.

The guides directed visitors to the gravesites of the following who stood to tell their story in first person:

  1. Newton Knode, a 23 year old. A falling tree caused the first burial in 1895.
  2. The saga of the disappearing angel at the Leverton grave site.
  3. Solomon Allen who drilled for oil in Friendswood in 1922.
  4. Frank Brown, the founder, revealed he had been a buffalo and Indian killer.
  5. Mary Garretson , who died in 1913, told why she could not be buried in ground.
  6. Zue Stevenson Bales told her experiences coming from Kansas to Friendswood by wagon as a 10 year old girl.
  7. The three deceased husbands of Velma Smith Bradshaw had quite a discussion among themselves as to which was the most beloved.

Visitors were then treated to a hayride back to their cars at the Jr. High.

Don’t miss it next year!