Our Mission

The Friendswood Historical Society is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Texas November 22, 1968. The purpose of the Society, as stated in the By-laws, shall be:

  1. To preserve and maintain the Frank J. Brown Heritage Museum in keeping with the pioneer spirit and Christian ideals of the founding families by collecting and displaying the original artifacts and personal effects of the Frank J. Brown family and other early settlers of Friendswood, Texas.
  2. To identify, preserve, support and display other historical buildings and sites that also reflect the heritage of the community.
  3. To acquire and maintain a historical library and archive to preserve Friendswood’s history.
  4. To educate the membership and the community about our history through tours, lectures, seminars, printed materials and events.

The Membership

The membership is composed of those who appreciate the unique history of Friendswood and choose to support the Society’s mission with their dues and/or their volunteer labor. The participation of former residents is also appreciated. If you would like to help support the Friendswood Historical Society by joining, you may click here for a printable membership form.

We’re all Volunteers

Come Visit Us! Come Join Us! To learn more about the Historical Society and its projects, please contact any one of the current Board members listed below:

  • David Smith – Acting President
  • Mel Measeles – Vice President
  • Mary Perroni – Secretary
  • Sally Branson
  • Tim McCall
  • Steve Rockey